Side By Side Wins Green Apple Award!

The Side By Side team are so proud to have been presented an International Green Apple Award in partnership with Greenzone Facilities Management Limited for the “Combat Waste” project held at the Houses of Parliament this week. We worked #sidebyside to improve Enviornmental Best Practice and Increasing Recycling across our UK sites. This was a fantastic project to be work on and we are really excited about our next steps together ensuring our Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO)UK Ministry of Defence and customers have the best most sustainable environments each and every day.

While conducting site audits, the Greenzone operations team realised that to meet the waste management objectives, everyone involved would need to work collaboratively to change and educate the perceptions of 50000 troops and 9000 client employees about the importance of waste management.

To tackle the geographical challenges of the project, we used the technology we had available, to create a waste management video training programme to support these initiatives. These were delivered via webinar, in person, at site and over Microsoft Teams.

The Greenzone team also created an additional set of training materials known as “toolbox” talks, designed to appeal to military service personnel on sites, to raise awareness and ignite behaviour change. Additional marketing and training collateral was also created to educate and direct everyone on site how and where to segregate waste.

Through our combined efforts, we achieved an average increase of 24.2% in recycling rates throughout the Scotland, Northern Ireland, North and South East and London regions. Pre implementation, recycling rates were at 14%, this increased to 40% in areas which was an amazing result.

Greenzone helped to deliver significant results in recycling across 127 UK locations. This follows up last years two waste2zero awards in November 2021 and Greenzone being awarded Business of the Year at the Newark business awards in June 2022.