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Aramark Defence Services working Side by Side as one team to deliver exceptional Soft Facilities Management services to the UK’s Armed Forces across the UK.

Our food

Food strategy – a chef’s approach!


Our solutions

We specialise in creative thinking and great solutions for our clients.

Our people

Find out more about joining our organisation.

Work for us

Our people are what sets us apart from the competition.

We are a people business, everything we do is delivered by our team, hence engaging and motivating our people is the most important thing we do. Success only comes when everybody is working together and heading in the same direction. Managing our operations is one thing, providing leadership and ensuring there is an element of fun is what really gets the job done!

Neil Shroeder – Managing Director, Aramark Defence Services.



Because we recognise that our teams are our greatest asset, we asked them to develop our values, in their own words, capturing what they felt best defined our organisation and what we want to be known for:

  • Successful together
  • Driven to deliver
  • Open and honest

Customer focused

Everything we do is driven by our customers.

Positive attitude

Our “can-do” approach means that if something needs doing, we get it done.

Working in partnership

We work together as one strong team, creating equal and supportive partnerships, underpinned by clear, honest communication.

Delivering difference

We challenge ourselves to deliver difference. Passion, energy and pride keep us looking forward.


Health & Safety

Everyone plays a part in safety.

Cleaning Services

Our cleaning strategy is to take care of everyone.



The transformation planning process is one that requires vision and creativity.


Our Communications

Ground breaking communication solutions.

Whilst we deliver all the services you would expect from a Soft FM company: catering, retail, leisure, cleaning, waste management and mess services. We also specialise in creative thinking and great solutions developed Side by Side, for and with our clients.


Our company is driven by our people. Got a great idea? Would you like to work for us? Why not get in touch.