We operate large multi-faceted Defence contracts throughout the UK and Northern Ireland working Side By Side with our Defence partners and clients. Our services include catering, retail and leisure, cleaning, waster management, reception services, tailoring, laundry and added value services.

Our teams are fully supported by in-region subject matter experts covering areas such as HR, learning & development, H&S, marketing, culinary, retail, cleaning and waste as well as shared central support services.

Our operating culture is customer focused and one of empowerment and exclusivity. All team members are encouraged to take ownership and responsibility for delivering for the customer. We are aiming to be a team that the best people want to work for, known for investing in training and development, encouraging team members to learn new skills as well as further developing existing ones.


Maintaining a safe and secure facility comes with enormous day-to-day challenges. But did you know that your food and retail operations play a significant role in maintaining the peace? 

We bring years of industry expertise, a broad range of capabilities and innovative solutions to your food, facility and retail services so you can focus on your top priority—keeping your facility secure.

We work with both Government and Third Party providers to deliver a wide ranging offer into Judicial environments. Our main focus areas are :

  • Staff catering 
  • Inmate feeding 
  • Visitor and inmate retail shops and coffee shops  

We work with establishments to provide a safe working environment and culture for our employees, whilst engaging in many in prison rehabilitation programs designed to equip inmates with skills for the outside world such as basic cooking, book keeping and customer service skills.

Government Services

We are proud to deliver tailored offerings to Government Services throughout the UK. Our services range from catering, cleaning and reception ensuring we deliver best in class experiences to customers, with a full understanding of their specialist requirements.