Social Value

As part of the Aramark Northern Europe family we have the ability to make a real difference from a social value perspective.

We are working tirelessly to continually improve economic equality, deliver excellent learning and development programmes. 

Our Chances programme offers everyone the chance for employment and work experience to improve their life.

We are developing carbon reduced menus, signposting carbon friendly dishes within our menus and through our digital signage.

We work with a number of amazing charities, community groups and social value focussed institutions to ensure we help to build better communities and opportunities for our colleagues, customers and partners.

Our health and wellbeing programmes focus on mental and physical health in tandem with our culinary wellbeing programme – Feed Your Potential to provide a holistic approach to wellbeing.


Be Well. Do Well.™ is Aramark’s sustainability plan. It sums up our goal to make a positive impact on people and planet over the next five years.

We understand that every part of our business must operate with a responsibility to do right by people and planet. Following this ethos, we have developed Be Well. Do Well, our Northern European Sustainability and Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) plan.

Our sustainability plan sums up our goal to make a positive impact on people and planet by 2025. Simply stated, we are working to reduce inequity, support and grow our communities, and protect our planet.

Our Strategy

Be Well. Do Well. accelerates our sustainability efforts and aligns with our vision for our future, which is to enable the safety and wellbeing for millions, and reduce our waste and greenhouse gas emissions by 2025.

Our sustainability plan starts with people. People are at the centre of everything we do and so we’re focused on the safety and wellbeing of our employees and consumers, the people in the communities where we live and work, as well as the people in our supply chain. We also focus on the wellbeing of our planet by minimising environmental impact across all of our operations,  from the foods we serve and facilities we operate to the vehicles we drive, in a bid to reduce our GHG emissions.

Our Goals and Commitments

Our goals and commitments – under the clearly defined programmes for ‘People’ and ‘Planet’ – convey our priorities and ambitions, by focusing our efforts and inspiring our organisation to do more.

Our People priorities are to engage employees, empower healthy consumers, build local communities and source ethically and inclusively.
Our Planet priorities are to source responsibly, operate efficiently, minimize food waste and reduce packaging.

Each goal is supported by four priorities, which align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We have identified key performance indicators and internal targets tied to our business objectives to drive continuous outcomes against our priorities. At the core of this approach is an express commitment to do no harm – to attempt to operate in a way that not only minimises negative impacts of operations, but with an aspiration to work in a way that leaves both people and planet in a better place for the years that follow.

Discover more about our Be Well. Do Well. sustainability and ESG plans, ambitions, and targets click here.

Continuous Improvement

On our journey of continuous improvement, we are committed to expanding public reporting on our sustainability plan, building greater awareness among our employees, consumers, clients, and partners. With a renewed focus of our efforts in sustainability, we are excited about implementing our five-year plan. Our 2020 Sustainable Success 2020 – A Year in Review provides a look back on some of our highlights and achievements in 2020 across our priorities.

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