Health and Wellbeing

Health and wellbeing has never been more important and our dedicated team of Dieticians and Nutritionists support our business, ensuring we are compliant, agile and innovative, ready to implement any change required to make our customers feel, happy and safe when engaging with us. Wellbeing In Focus, FYP:365, TAKE:15 and Move For:30 are programmes created and developed by our dedicated team of registered dietitians and nutritionists.

Our team has a breadth of knowledge and experience within the dietetic, nutrition and fitness industry, using the latest evidence-based research to deliver our holistic programme.

Our dedicated website is focussed on sharing key information around our exciting activity that we deliver throughout the UK and in our wider business – Wellbeing In Focus ( you will find information, recipes, blogs and resources to keep you up to date with all the latest health and wellbeing trends and policies.


We utilise the expertise and the tried and tested systems of our parent company Aramark UK and Northern Europe to deliver the best practice in food safety as we provide healthy and nutritious meals in facilities across the UK. We proactively spot, report and remove hazards across the estate where we work. Our cleaning teams in particular are continuously keeping workplaces clean and free of hazards as well as reporting those which we cannot fix, preventing accidents and illness in the places out customers eat, work and live.

A Safer Strategy

Our strategy is simple, to continuously work towards zero workplace accidents or food safety incidents. We refuse to accept that any accidents ‘just happen’ or are ‘part of the job.’ We believe that we can learn from every incident and work to stop them happening again.

We do this by: