Aramark Defence Services provides a recycling led waste management service, concentrating on delivering a zero to landfill solution and only using “waste to energy” as the final disposal route wherever possible. Our objectives are to provide an innovative, well-managed, proactive, efficient and reliable service to our clients.

With our partners Green Zone, we operate a waste brokerage model through a selected portfolio of the best waste service providers who offer the best service in each geographic area, rather than using a single carrier to collect all waste streams.

We develop site specific and fully integrated Waste Management Plans, tailored to the needs of each establishment and employing industry best practice principles, focusing on the top tier of the waste hierarchy and aiming to reduce overall waste arising by 30% and increase recycling rates to 87% by year five of the contract.



We have developed a solution which favours the use of Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs). Our supply chain is incentive’s to recover a higher proportion of waste over traditional methods and as a last resort, waste to energy or incineration is the final disposal route which enable us to achieve our goal of zero waste to landfill.

We work with our customers and colleagues to drive behavioural change, using educational programmes to focus on reducing waste, promoting reuse and facilitating recycling.

Looking holistically at the challenge of minimising the carbon footprint of waste removal our strategy:

• Introduces smarter collection patterns
• Optimises payload
• Promotes correct driving behaviour and fleet investment
• Reduces transportation

Finally, our waste management service is designed to comply with all applicable laws and targets and to ensure that duty of care is managed correctly and we are proud to provide clear evidence of this to our clients through a bespoke customer portal, allowing instant access to comprehensive reporting against robust performance metrics.

ADS also offers a wide range of specialist cleaning services.

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Whilst we deliver all the services you would expect from a Soft FM company: catering, retail, leisure, cleaning, waste management and mess services, for example, we also specialise in creative thinking and great solutions developed Side by Side, for and with our clients.