The transformation planning process is one which requires vision and creativity combined with solid commercial skills and uncompromising project planning abilities. It begins with a thorough interrogation of all available data supported by client discussions about their welfare strategies and the future of the unit.


Having established a business case, we then work with our design supply partners to complete initial surveys and feasibility studies, matching the right brands and offers with the cohorts on site and considering the best and most practical location for the offer.

Detailed surveys and measurements then lead to plans being drawn against which firm budgets are agreed. 3D visuals are created to support client presentation and if the plans are signed off, the transformation plans are confirmed to co-ordinate all activities for an agreed go live date including a detailed marketing count down plan.

In less than 12 months, we have managed and delivered on time and to budget, transformation plans for every one of the major establishments across all three of our Hestia contracts.  


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