4th of July Theme Day

4th of July Theme Day

On the 2nd of July we served some delicious American treats in honour of 4th July (and yes – we know we were 2 days early, but we couldn’t wait.

Our menu:

Option 1:  A hot diggity dog meal for £4.25

Or how about trying something a bit different?

Option 2: Southern Fried Chicken, gravy and biscuit meal for £4.25

Whilst we’re on this subject, here’s a few random facts about america that may surprise you…

Their biscuits are bread, and they eat them with GRAVY

If you see “biscuit and gravy” on an American menu, it’s not a Digestive and Bisto! A biscuit is like a savoury scone, and the gravy simply means sauce. Americans often enjoy this dish for Lunch, or even Breakfast!

Independence Day actually happened on 2nd July!

Independence Day (4th of July) refers to the date when the first signature was written on the Declaration of Independence.

However, the 2nd of July was when the congress voted to become independent from Britain, so some say the 2nd is the true Independence Day!

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