We run a significant portfolio of retail brands with, altogether, 145 retail outlets providing a fantastic service to our military customers all the way from Dover to Inverness and across to Northern Ireland.

Our brands include Premier convenience shops, supplied by Booker and a host of other smaller suppliers to ensure we can offer our customers a complete package. We promised that we would deliver value for money, bringing the high street, “within the wire”, something that our serving personnel have not always benefited from in the past. We believe that our customers should not be disadvantaged because of where they live and what they do. Our prices really do represent fantastic value for money and this continues to be the basis for the positive feedback we receive.

Within our Premier Shops we have other great brands to compliment our offer; with Starbucks to Go and Costa Express being our Coffee offers, Country Choice providing hot bakery range of pies and pasties along with an extensive patisserie range. Our sandwich range is delivered daily from Ginster’s of Cornwall and all the bespoke military equipment requirements are provided for through Top of the Range with brands such as Under Armour, Sealskin, Camelbak, Grenade, SIS and Maxi nutrition.

Every 4 weeks, we have a new range of over 500 promotions available to choose from and many of them rival the high street multiple retailers.

We tailor our retail offer and ranges to the customers we are serving, be they Phase 1 training recruits, officer cadets, the DIO team and civilian contractors or families and dependent. For example, through extensive research, we found that Starbucks was the preferred coffee brand for the younger adult whereas Costa and Bewley’s are more established with the 30+ customers.

Add to that our premium Aroma brand and we have a full complement of brands and with our coffee prices set permanently lower than those of the high street, we can provide a service that really does meet the needs of all our consumers.

We also work in partnership with Papa John’s Pizzas and Subway, managing their franchises to deliver the identical offer that you would get in a high street store. With great promotions and value for money, the retail facilities within our Military establishments have honestly never been better and with sales increasing in many sites by over 50%, we will continue to challenge ourselves to keep our offer fresh while maintaining our trade mark value for money so our customers remain as loyal to us as we are to them.

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