Our Food

a chef’s approach!

Everybody seems to try to contrive to make amazing food complicated, but really it’s quite simple; you invest in great ingredients and great people and then empower them. Great food and service is at the heart of everything we do and that is fundamental to every member of the culinary team and our collective success.

Customer First Approach

Understanding our customers and engaging with them on a regular basis helps us ensure we deliver what is expected and much more. Our company was formed solely to focus on the needs of the MOD and a clear understanding of the varying culinary requirements of the different regions and the units within those regions has enabled us to build a team around the needs of our customers. I had the enviable task of building that team and I must have the best job in the organisation (biased I know!); leading an amazing group of individuals who are all equally passionate about what they do.

Our aim as a team is quite simply to be best in class. We have been set up to succeed and to deliver a new and refreshing proposition in the Defence arena by the way we treat and think about food and people. We also believe in future proofing our strategy by developing and nurturing talent from within the organisation. We are committed to apprenticeships and training and challenging our teams to acquire new skills through competing in industry and national competitions.


So, from fine dining for VIPs and Royalty to delivering the nutritional requirements that our service men and women rely on every day, to cooking off hundreds of hot dogs on a parade ground, Our Food is at the very heart of our company. Find out more about our offer and the teams who deliver it.

From fine dining for VIP's to hundreds of hot dogs on a parade ground, our food is very heart of our company. Find out more about our offers and the team who deliver it.