We are honoured to provide valuable support services to our military personnel and do so with pride and openness. We continually strive to deliver the best value for money, through new and exciting menus, evolving retail offers and the introduction of high street brands, all of which are promoted through modern communication tools.

Keith Metson – Region Contract Director – Hestia South East and London Region

The South East and London Hestia region covers 20 major military sites and over 60 Reservists and Careers Centres across the whole of central London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex and Windsor. The region is defined by a number of high profile sites where, due to the nature of the ceremonial, Royal and political activities which take place here, “the eyes of the world” are often focussed directly on us! As a result, our reputation is very much at stake and we have to deliver to consistently high standards. These sites include:

  • Wellington and Hyde Park Barracks, which support Royal ceremonies and events in central London
  • Royal Guardrooms at Tower of London, Horse Guards, and St James’s and Buckingham Palace
  • RAF Northolt, home to both The Royal and the Queen’s Colour Squadrons
  • The Royal College of Defence Studies in Belgravia which is attended by senior military and political personnel from many different nations throughout the world.

Home to more than 12,000 Military Personnel

Over 400

1,300 catering, cleaning and hospitality staff

Around 3 million
meals a year


We operate 20 on-site convenience stores, as well as 20+ on-site coffee shops and high street food outlets, also we are responsible for managing over 40 military Messes including the administration of Mess accounts and Mess members’ bills, accommodation booking, cleaning and the running of bars.

We are an integral part of the military presence across London and we need to be ready to support, at short notice, emergency security events or State funerals.

Working Side by Side with our military customers, many of whom are amongst the UK’s most senior military personnel, to plan for such eventualities is key to the success of the contract.


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