The Hestia North Region is a customer focussed, growing, financially strong and systems driven business, with a reputation for delivering consistently and being the place that the best people want to work. The British forces are renowned throughout the world for their ability to deliver and the team in the North must dovetail into that mind set and execution.

Glyn Ingram – Regional Contract Director – Hestia North

The Hestia North region is defined by a wide spread geography; from Hadrian’s wall (Carlisle to Berwick) down to Chester and right across to Hull and a varied customer base; from cadets undergoing training and “stay-away” activities, through to specialist medical and dental personnel and Senior Officers. The region operates with a holistic model, tailored to each customer as required, recognising not only the variations within the different sections of the armed forces but also those of the different regiments within the same section.

They say that an army marches on its stomach and it’s important for our teams providing the catering services that they realise the part that they play, working Side by Side as part of the military team. Whether we are providing nutrition so our customers can perform to their best or tailoring and laundry so they can look their best, every detail must be checked. Service delivery is non-negotiable as anything that is not 100% impacts directly on the customer and their ability to operate at the highest level.

140 sites (26 major) a mixture of Army and RAF

4 operational

Around 1500

Around 285,000 meals a month

To manage this large and demanding region, we divide it into four operational areas, each with its own Area Operating Director, who in turn, have site General Managers reporting into them. The operational team is supported by in-region subject matter experts covering areas such as HR, learning & development, H&S, marketing, culinary, retail, cleaning and waste as well as shared central support services.

Our operating culture is customer focused and one of empowerment and exclusivity. All team members are encouraged to take ownership and responsibility for delivering for the customer. We are aiming to be a team that the best people want to work for, known for investing in training and development, encouraging team members to learn new skills as well as further developing existing ones.

The services required are detailed below:

  • Military mess and non-mess based catering/other short term catering;
  • Military functions;
  • Retail;
  • Refreshments services;
  • Military mess accommodation/hotel services (including cleaning and bookings);
  • Cleaning, general and specialist;
  • Domestic Assistance;
  • Waste Management;
  • Tailoring;
  • Cobbling;
  • Reception services;
  • Labour;
  • Laundry;
  • Dry Cleaning;
  • Portable Toilets.


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