Everything we do is driven by our customers which means that they are at the beginning of everything we do. We develop our brands, food concepts, service solutions, promotions and communications strategy based on what our customers tell us.


We use a bespoke customer intelligence programme to bench mark performance and also to test out new ideas and concepts, enabling our customers to vote with their feet by telling us which of a series of ideas they would be prepared to spend money on or which would make the biggest difference to their satisfaction levels.

Robust data samples enable us to interrogate the data further by location, gender, age or cohort and fine tune solutions based on the demographics of each area or even right down to unit level.


How do you get the right information, offers and menus to the right groups of people, at exactly the right time at the push of a button?  By using the Side by Side Hub, that’s how! We’ve developed a ground breaking, digital communications platform, together with our partners Campus Life, which enables us to share content almost instantaneously across all our contracts, by region or even by unit.

We can feed content to our bespoke Hub App or out to any of our social media platforms, display menus, news and push out offers and promotions for redemption straight from a mobile device.

Content can be contributed by our marketing teams, by the General Managers and even by our clients which is why the Hub is more than a marketing tool, it is Side by Side partnering and business enabling solution.


Much of our Side by Side campaign activity focuses around our clients’ key messages. To help “reduce disadvantage”, we offer unbeatable value for money through our Premier Stores and our Better on Base campaign.

Not only do we feature Aramark’s Healthy for Life health and well being educational programme, we also work in partnership with the Defence Nutrition Advisory Service to create a series of tailored campaigns that reflect their key messages and refer back to their own fact sheets.