Our cleaning strategy is to take care of everyone: our customers, clients and colleagues as well as the environment and by working together, Side by Side, we all help sustain a healthy, happy and safe environment in which to live, work and relax.

Traditional cleaning practices tended to allocate each team member a block or area of responsibility. We believe there is a better way to manage cleaning services through what we call, “flow cleaning”. This innovative process is highly efficient and promotes team working which makes for a friendlier working environment and improves team wellbeing and retention.

We divide tasks between groups of team members, rotating them on a weekly basis to reduce boredom and routine so, rather than one person doing all the jobs required to clean one building, here, one team member vacuums, one cleans showers and so on, allowing the task to flow as well as reducing the amount of lone working.

Sharing duties across teams increases their knowledge and flexibility and allocating work to groups rather than individuals also has H&S benefits, reducing accidents and injuries by encouraging team members to support best practice and share heavier duties between them.

Each site develops a customised cleaning schedule in consultation with the client, categorising areas by the type of cleaning they require; heavy, medium or light. This schedule is produced on a daily basis and is signed by the operatives to confirm all tasks are completed. They can, at any time, be shared with our clients, demonstrating our  Open and Honest way of working.


We chose our supply partner Diverse for their “smart dosage” system. Because this system does not allow chemical bottles to be opened or liquid to be dispensed in larger amounts than is safe for the user, we can enable our teams to use greatly concentrated chemicals, safely, in areas where water feed systems are not suitable. More concentrated chemicals reduce the number of deliveries required which helps reduce our carbon footprint and we have also introduced microfibre cloths which can be washed up to 500 times before being replaced and are a more efficient way to clean.

In addition to our range of specialist cleaning solutions, ADS provides a full waste management service?

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