Our team members are the greatest asset we have in our business. We want to grow and retain the best possible Side by Side team that we can by maximising the skills of our existing colleagues. One of the ways we can do this is by offering a range of apprenticeships. A number of our team members are already involved in apprenticeship schemes covering areas such as Business Improvement Techniques, Business and administration, Hospitality management, Support cleaning services and supervisory skills.

Name – Louise Wilson
Role – Cleaning Supervisor
Site – Ripon

Course – Advanced Apprenticeship in Team Leader/Supervisor Level 3

What 3 words would you used to describe your apprenticeship experience? Informative, innovative and enriching.

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced so far on the course? The biggest challenge I faced is overcoming my nerves and feeling confident speaking to a group of people that I didn’t really know.


If you could choose 1 area of development that you would like to take away from the course, what would that be and why? For me the main benefit of the course has been to help me achieve progression. It has enabled me to move towards the next level of opportunity within the company.

We are looking forward to the launch of our Catering Apprenticeship Programme later in the year.  We’ll be offering best in class development opportunities to our current catering teams and aspiring chefs and we have set up a steering group to identify and develop the courses that will be the most valuable to our company.

The apprenticeship courses we will engage in for 2018 will be a mix of level 2 and level 3 apprenticeships including:

– Commins Chef – L2 (England)
– Chef De Partie – L3 (England)
– Senior Production Chef – L3 (England)
– Professional Cookery L2 & L3 (Scotland & Northern Ireland)

This is just the start, there will lots of apprenticeship activity happening across all regions over the duration of the contract and the catering programme is the first step.


From fine dining for VIP’s to hundreds of hot dogs on a parade ground, our food is very heart of our company. Find out more about our offers and the team who deliver it.