Soldiers up for the day with an almighty Warrior Breakfast!

Soldiers up for the day with an almighty Warrior Breakfast!

The culinary team at Aramark Defence Services have been hard at work to launch their new Warrior Breakfast. The new menu has been introduced at Catterick Marne Barracks and Catterick Somme Barracks to support the military with their healthy living focus.

The Warrior Breakfast menu’s foundation is based on providing balanced breakfasts for the soldiers containing slow release carbohydrates and lean proteins. This is in an effort to help improve training performance, body composition, recovery from training and muscle development.

Elbha Purcell, Head of Dietetics & Wellbeing, Aramark Northern Europe said; “We believe that excellent food can enhance experiences and empower people to be better. Our approach is simple: to enrich and nourish the lives of those we serve, crafting chef-inspired menus with high-quality ingredients and encouraging healthier living with nutritious options. We’ve adapted our breakfast menu to further improve the nutritional content of the dishes so that the Warrior Breakfast meets the specific requirements of soldiers, supporting their wellness and training”.

“Each recipe was analysed using a nutritional analysis software programme called Nutritics. As a result Aramark Defence Services can accurately account for the amount of calories, protein, fat and other nutrients in the Warrior Breakfast.”

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